Sepaq - Lake Temiscouata


Installation of a timber curtain wall with a surface of 150m2 in less than three days


Architect: Bisson & Charron

Location: Lake Témiscouata, Quebec

Construction: january 2013

Pictures: credit pictures 1,2,3,4,5 Stephane Groleau


Cap-aux-Corbeaux Residence

Structural timber curtain wall with a three floor high staircase and a structural silicone sealed glazing corner, maximising the extraordinary view. Residence built with cross-laminated timber panels from west Canada.


Architect: CGA architecte

Project manager:

Location: Baie St-Paul, Quebec

Construction: fall 2012


Maheu & Maheu

First structural timber curtain wall (TCW) in eastern Canada

Aluminium curtain wall with structural glass integrated in the TCW


Architect: BGLA ARCHITECTURE + URBAN DESIGN (former Brière Gilbert & Associés)

Project manager: Lise Harvey

Main conception: Pierre André Lévesque

Location: Quebec, Quebec

Construction: 2012

Varennes library



Architect: Laroche and Gagné

Project manager: Unigertec

Location: Varennes, Quebec

Construction: 2014

Pierrefond public baths




Project manager:Cogela

Location: Pierrefond, Quebec

Construction: 2014


Valcartier chapel



Architect: Saint Gelais Montminy

Project manager: Construction Marc Bolduc

Location: Valcartier, Quebec

Construction: 2014

South shore Residence



Location: Saint-Nicolas, Quebec (South shore)

Construction:  fall 2013

Saguenay Residence

Structural timber curtain wall (TCW) incorporating a lift & slide door in the façade structure. This L-shape TCW was designed to resist wind as strong as 180km/h. It also integrates Triple Insulated Glazed Units garanteeing an effective Thermal resistance greater than R7. 


Architect: Stéphane Lapointe

Project manager: Tergos

Location: Saguenay, Quebec


Île aux coudres Residence



Architect: Yvon Boulianne

Location: Île aux coudres, Quebec

Construction: 2013

Jaettgryde Residence

Residence, built with cross-laminated timber panels from Austria. The IC2 technologie fits perfectly to the north and south elevations of this residence, creating a very bright living area.


Architect: G. Nadeau & F. Lyng (BIG architecture, Denmark)

Project manager: Léopold Nadeau

Location: Tewkesbury, Quebec

Construction: april 2013

Lake St. Joseph residence

Prefabrication and installation of modules over7 meter high


Construction firm: André Rousseau Construction

Architect: Marie-Pier Marin

Location: Lac St-Joseph, Québec

Construction: 2012

Cap Rouge residence

Integration of a triple glazed lift & slide door


Architect firm: Robitaille, Larouche & Déry

Project manager: André Déry

Location: Cap Rouge, Quebec

Construction: 2012

Limoilou Residence

Timber curtain wall and openings with sealed triple glazed units


Architect firm: Mainguy & Verge

Project manager: Bruno Verge

Location: Limoilou, Quebec

Construction: 2011