Thanks to a German-engineered, high energy-efficient curtain wall system, IC2 contributes to meeting Passivhaus standards for your project.

With its modular system combining wood, aluminum, and steel in the same facade, IC2 manufactures and assembles transportable glass modules that can be quickly installed on the job site.

IC2’s manufacturing approach maximizes product quality while reducing manufacturing costs and environmental footprint of our curtain walls.


Our team works with industry professionals to assist them in the swift development of innovative and efficient solutions tailored to the needs of their customers.

Design of high energy-efficient outer shells 

IC2 is an industry leader in the design of high energy-efficient curtain walls enabling our customers to construct buildings 60 to 90% more energy efficient than ones built according to current standards.

Development of reliable solutions integrating cutting-edge technologies to make our customers' innovative ideas a reality

You have a great idea; we will be pleased to put our expertise and that of our partners to work to provide a technological solution that meets your needs.


Right from the get-go, our integrated consulting services plan and verify each step of the manufacturing and realization processes. In addition to reducing building design cycle time, this approach also diminishes the  technical and/or economical risks on your project.

Technico-economic feasibility [+]

Each project is closely examined so that we can offer our customers informed advice on the best course of action and ensure a project of the highest quality.

Building energy simulations  [+]

Our expertise in conducting simulations with the most advanced software in the industry enables us to guide our customers in selecting the most appropriate materials and technologies to meet the requirements of their projects.

Expert glass consulting services  [+]

IC2 offers its customers expert glass selection advice with the know-how of its own engineers along with that of its two partners who boast over 25 years’ experience in this field. (Synergia and Euroverre).

Glass wall structural dimension analysis  [+]

IC2 works hand-in-hand with the engineering firm Douglas Consultants to determine, according to the location of the project, the size of the wood frames required for its glass walls. This partnership ensures the installation plans are approved by a certified engineer in both Canada  and the United States.

Energy efficiency comparative study  [+]

Our technical team can quantify how energy-efficient our glass walls are compared with that of other products on the market. Our customers can therefore calculate their guaranteed annual energy and monetary savings our products offer.

Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions  [+]

When necessary and to facilitate the granting of LEED credits or other equivalent standards, we can calculate the amount of greenhouse gas emission reduction by the use of more energy efficient technologies.