Timber Curtain Wall

THERM+ H-I curtain wall integrates the proven and tested RAICO glazing and sealing technology that can be mounted on any kind of timber or derivative timber product with widths from 50  up to 96 mm . With its own invisible wooden connector system and an effective 3-level drainage system, this highly versatile RAICO technology can easily be installed on buildings with a steel, concrete or timber structure.

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Other materials

Aluminium Curtain Wall System

The THERM+ aluminium curtain wall stick systems combine a maximum application range with straight forward planning and manufacture, providing high processing reliability due to the consistent modular technology.

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Steel Curtain Wall System

The THERM+ steel curtain wall system combines the advantages of structural steel profiles with those of a continuous aluminium screw channel. This offers virtually endless design possiblities due to the free choice of steel profiles available on the market, or those individually produced.

The special THERM+ application technology, featuring no metal components in direct surface contact to each other, guarantees the best possible protection against corrosion.

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Burglary Resistant Curtain Wall

Complemented by only a few additional system components any of the THERM+ curtain wall series can be executed with burglary resistant properties in European classes WK2 or WK3. For a maximum freedom in design, any of the system widths and all pressure profiles with visible screws or with cover profiles as well as the flat pressure profile (WK2) can be applied.

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Fire Resistant Curtain Wall

Only minor additions to the THERM+ base systems are required to execute THERM+ as a fire resistant curtain wall in various protection classes. The maximum size of the panes provides a new dimension in fire protection: with the tested and approved panes of 1500 x 3000 mm in vertical and horizontal format even storey high glazing is possible. The visual appearance of the fire resistant curtain wall is identical to the standard systems.

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Conservatories - Clima

The CLIMA conservatory system is an extension of the THERM+ curtain wall system. It offers well-studied detail solutions with perfect optical appearance and the maximum of individual design possibilities. Only a few additional multifunctional items turn the curtain wall system into a complete and comprehensive conservatory system. The execution is feasible in unitised assembly with window units in the vertical area or as a stick system construction.

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Glass Roofs

The curtain wall systems THERM+ A-I, S-I and H-I for aluminium, steel and timber structures provide ideal characteristics for the erection of glass roofs. The proven and tested RAICO glazing and sealing technology assures a safe and easily executable solution for any construction and roof shape with an inclination of down to 2 degrees.

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